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It Starts with Food (Fuel)

Are you putting premium in your tank and garbage in your mouth? When was the last time you took a close look at the results your lifestyle have had on your body? To paraphrase author/thinker Tim Ferriss - If you're getting your car checked out more often than you're having your own blood work done, you need to get your priorities straight! Whether you've been suffering from the same health problem for years or just can't quite get to the level of fitness you're aiming for, chances are what you're eating is a major factor. Think about it, the things you put into your body are what it uses to operate. It's the gasoline to power the generator, the bricks that make up the walls, the oil which lubricates constantly moving parts, and it feeds the system which washes out waste. If you're supplying your body with sub-optimal fuel it's going to give you sub-optimal results. That being said, I'm not a doctor, dietician, or even a wanna-be online person

From Coinstar to Bitcoin: How Tech is Shifting Revenue Models

Does anyone remember Coinstar, the friendly little vending machine that would turn two years of dropping pennies into an old Jack Daniels bottle into spendable cash, for only a mere 8.9% cut? As we rely less and less on physical cash to operate in our daily lives this machines have slowly started to disappear, or at least become much less relevant. It's a little bit funny, but at least in the United States the idea that change is essentially worthless has penetrated the minds of the many for some time. I think because of this we think about almost all pricing in terms of dollars - not cents. The $x.99 and $x.95 were lovely pricing tricks aimed at duping our subconscious minds a bit for this exact reason. And in a world where it was a pain in the ass to complete a monetary transaction - get your wallet out, count out the bills, hand them to a stranger, and awkwardly cup your hands waiting for change - it made a lot of sense to price all products high enough to warrant going throug