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4 Crude Steps to Not Being Broke

It repeatedly blows me away how many people I know, from all walks of life, know absolutely nothing about their money. Most of them would cite making more money  or (insert dream here that costs more money)  as one of their primary goals if you asked, yet their actions are often leading them in the complete opposite direction. I'm certainly no expert, but here are some of the basics that I've picked which seem in desperate need of sharing. Please feel free to add any relevant additional information in the comments. Also I should mention that is a great resource with tons of quality information. You can click the link above for a more detail than I'll ever write. For those of you as lazy as I am, below are the Spark Notes(ish). 0. Stop Buying Shit You Can't Afford and Don't Really Want Just because the person next to you bought a bedazzled Pokemon iPhone case doesn't mean you need to buy a brand-new convertible BMW. If you reall