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A Question About Stars

Sometimes I forget that behind all of these bright city lights there's a sky full of stars. It's funny to think that many of them no longer exist, that they're so far away that it takes the light years and years to reach your eyes. As words like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) become more and more prevalent, it's interesting to think about what reality even means. Those stars we see, the ones which aren't actually there anymore, are they real? When are they real? Are they real to everyone simultaneously? I have a feeling between new technologies and mental frameworks this question of what is reality will only become increasingly blurry.

Trading Time for Money is Stupid: But Everyone Wants to be a Doctor?

Are you trading time for money? Is your entire business model built on that idea? There are some people who would argue that the direct exchange of hours for dollars is foolish, limited in potential upside, and simultaneously difficult to scale. Generally speaking, I agree with all of those arguments. Service-based businesses can't explode like SaaS companies or even physical product companies can. But that being said, some of the most esteemed professions that exist today - doctors, lawyers, management consultants - all do just that, the direct exchange of time for money. Sometimes this exchange is based on a Fixed Fee model, and the practitioners who are particularly efficient may ultimately profit at a higher rate than their pricing is designed to provide but most of the time businesses in these industries are based on some sort of hourly rate. Their potential earnings are capped by the number of hours in the day and vacation days come at a high price to the organization (parti