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Remote Work: The Only Way Forward

Observations about how technology is changing the way we work, and those not paying attention will get left in the dust. Computer technology - most notably the internet - has made communication across the globe much easier. This means that an accountant in Wyoming can collaborate with a developer in Romania with little more than a laptop and internet connection. You no longer have to find someone with the specific skillset you need within your same geographical area, so now the pool of skills is much, much larger. In a hyper-connected world where the average person has access to this massive pool of skills, suddenly you don't need as many generalists and a lot of human capital is freed up to become incredibly specialized. With low communication barriers and lots of specialists, we all win. Think of a small town that just has one doctor. In the past, that doctor would have to know a little bit about everything. If you had a fever, you went to that doctor. If you broke your arm,

How to Lower Your Taxes

It's that time of year again and everyone is getting amped up about filing taxes, right? Well regardless of whether your president will be paying his or not, chances are you have to. And if you're like many people, it's a kind of painful process that results in you owing the IRS a little bit of money. Not to worry though because I've got a tax secret no one is talking about . Guaranteed way to pay less taxes, period! To set the scene, let's talk about how income tax works for just a moment, as many people don't actually understand this part. Since this is the most boring subject on the planet (literally), we'll keep it simple: The tax bracket you fall into is not the rate at which all of your earnings are taxed Instead it works in tiers. You pay a certain percentage for the dollars that fall within each tier. For example, if you filed as a single person for 2016, you paid: 10% on the first $9,275 Plus 15% of the dollars between $9,276—$37,650 Plu