How to Change the World in 90 Seconds

If I could give someone only a single piece of advice, it would be this:

Make someone's day today. Repeat every day.

It's about as simple of an idea as there's ever been, yet it has the power to change the world all the while costing you practically nothing. Often times I find myself so caught up in grandeur notions of "changing the world" that I forget the world is really a small place when you break it down. Each of us holds the power to have an incredible effect on those around us if we open our eyes to the possibility and put in just an ounce of effort.

Hold the elevator door that extra second.
Ask your cashier how their day is going.
Tell someone in your life how proud you are of them.
Give someone a real hug.
Buy the person behind you's cup of coffee.
Share an interesting article with someone it made you think of.
Remind the world that we're human.

Take a minute, literally right now, to stop and think about the last time someone completely surprised you with a nice gesture, no matter how big or small. Close your eyes and really try to remember everything about the experience and how it made you feel. See what I mean?

These are the kinds of investments that will always outperform the S&P 500. They have a very small, known input (time, effort, money, etc.) but unlimited potential positive output. This effect takes place not only for the recipient but equally so for the giver. As humans we're hardwired to take pleasure in creating joy, and unlike "trickle-down economics" these investments actually do have a ripple effect. When you make someone's day, not only does it benefit them, but it benefits everyone around them. It shifts their frame, to one of positivity, one of possibility. When people believe things are possible, they actually try them. When people believe things are possible, they radiate that belief. And so on through humanity does the positive impact of such small actions ripple.

What are you waiting for? Go change the world.

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