Online Voting - Duh

You can do all of your banking online.
You can review medical lab results online.
You can buy drugs online.
You can send people pictures of your junk online.
You can buy your groceries online.
You can hire someone to do just about anything online.

But you can't vote online?

Really? I thought we were living in 2016. I thought what made this country so great was its commitment to the democratic process. If I remember correctly, we're the country that invented the internet. So why exactly can't we vote online?

It sure seems like a government who truly wanted active participation from the people would make this their first move. I realize many people's initial reaction to that idea is fear of the "security" risk. Those people, however, I would argue are naive. We put a man on the moon nearly 50 years ago - are you really going to tell me we can't figure out secure online voting? GTFO.

No instead we insist that you take time out of your day, a work day I might add, to physically go to a polling location and stand in line for an hour. Oh and if you thought you might be productive while in that line, you can kiss that dream goodbye (at least in Texas), because no electronic devices are allowed. You sit and stare at that wall motherfucker, it's the patriotic thing to do.

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